Friendship : Desean & Xuan


Xuan – I still remember the first day we met
We were too shy to say much at all
It’s funny to think back to that time
Because now were having a ball
Desean– she’s my best friend forever and ever
When she hugs me I get mor comfort than a perfectly knitted sweater
She’s the best at keepin me happy so I do the same for her
Xuan– He funny, silly && tall
He’s the sweetest of them all
Desean– shes cool , beautiful and athletic
If i ever lost her id need a medic
Xuan-Hes there for me when I need to talk, he’s so caring, he’d even come to my house if I told him I needed a walk
Desean– when my heart is hurt because an ex
She makes me laff and gets rid of the pain like a hex
Xuan– My mind is blank so I have nothing to say except bestfriend I love you, && it’ll forever stay that way
Desean -my mind is dull too so its time to conclude
She loves me and i love my bestfriend too




The feeling you give me is more than emotional
The feeling you give me is becoming physical
I sit back and think about how it used to be
When it was just you and me
When we loved each other and It was so clear to see
Now we’re apart
And there’s no more sparks
Shining a light on us
Its becoming a little rough
They say I’ll get over you
But they’ve been saying that for about a year or two
I can’t say I’ll forget you
I can’t say I’ll forgive you
But I just hope you know that when you left you took the scraps of my heart with you



Once you start hearing voices there’s not much you can do to stop them except go to sleep
But that’s not an option for me either right now so ill just let those voices speak
I feel trapped somehow with walls in every direction
I feel misplaced and I’m begining to not recognize my reflection
Things I’ve seen clash with things I belieive
And they create fear that doesn’t look like it’ll leave
The voices are saying I’m going through a change
But for this metamorphasis I doubt there’s a name
The voices are laughing now as if its just a game
The voices are making me think there’s a small time limit left on the time I have before I’m clinically insane



I just need some closure
Knowing that it ended this way is breaking down my composure
No one ever spoke for us
Because no one can
But I wish it didn’t take long for my time to be up
For me to realize I could have been your number one man
One day ill be strong enough to lift us up and let us float
One day ill be able to feel my own presence and not feel like a self created ghost

Traces of Sorrow


I wish I could see the things you say you do for me
But its not easy to make the way you feel a clear point of view for me
I try and try to understand
But nothing ever goes as planned
You always find a new way
To take my joy away
I gave you my soul and thought I had your heart
Little did I know you were ripping mine apart
The things you did and the words you said
Made me think that our love would be better off dead
I can’t say I won’t love you tommorow
I can’t say I won’t dream of you tonite
But I can say I won’t let your traces of sorrow
Take away my sleep at night
I put my all into what we had everyday
Its just sad that it ended this way
My soul is gone and my heart is torn
I guess I’m just a misguided spirit who’s only able to mourn

Secret Admirer


I wonder if she knows her secret admirer exists

I wonder if she knows how hard her smile is to resist

When we talk my brain goes numb and i love how it feels

I think if I could capture it id have proof that she heals

She’s everything I want and everything I need

I just hope she feels the same long before she finds this note from her secret admirer and begins to read



Sometimes he hears and sees things
And you seem to push him behind the scenes
You make him feel like he’s not allowed to pursue his dream
He’s the same as you and me if not brighter
The smile he has and loves to show can only lift you higher
His mind is golden
His heart is broken
All because people step on his heart after they tear it open
Dont look at him as different when hes a gift
Don’t take advantage of him because he’d be truly missed
Don’t make a list of Angels and place him last
Because with that beautiful mind he’s more than just an outcast