Desert Tears


when i needed you the most you were no where to be found

but when i try to get over you , youre always around

i guess i over react to things but im workin on it more

im starting to regret letting her walk out the door

i gave up on her to cement the love that you say i broke in you

but now im starting to think none of it was true

forgive me if im wrong

i dont want this to be a reason we dont get along

ive just been holding in these emotions for way too long

i almost cried when i realized we wouldnt be

but my eyes made me feel like dust was coming out of me

when i want to cry for you my body shuts down

when i think back to her all i have is the sound

the sound of her saying ” i love you ” and how genuine it felt

but you knew already you had me wrapped around you like a belt

its sad that i let her go for nothing at all

its sad that i dont think she’d answer my call

the things you did to push her away

made me second guess whether or not you should stay

i think back on it now and see she loved me more

because youve never made me feel the way she could before

i think back to her and see real love at its finest

i guess fixing what i had broken had me blinded

i love you and i probably wont ever stop

i just wish the habit of crying desert tears was something i could drop


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