think back to when i thought you loved me

and tell me the reason you had in your mind as to why you chose me

me of all the guys you could have

you chose to use me and throw my heart in the trash

i should have picked up on the signs

the signs that showed me out effort in this e=wasnt alined

you would kiss me but pull away

then say you love me just because of the look on my face

im not gonna lie and say it didnt work

or that it didnt temporarily erase the hurt

because youre so good at what you did

i never thought what we had would end

but love has proven to be pointless again

id give it my all

and all id do is fall

fall back into the cycle

of seeing a plate of misery and taking a bite full

i let too much get to me

i should have let you go when you mentally got rid of me

but now im stuck here again

writing to you until the ink dries out in my pen

its sad that when i look back at our history

i will never forget the fake love i felt while you were kissing me


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