Traces of Sorrow


I wish I could see the things you say you do for me
But its not easy to make the way you feel a clear point of view for me
I try and try to understand
But nothing ever goes as planned
You always find a new way
To take my joy away
I gave you my soul and thought I had your heart
Little did I know you were ripping mine apart
The things you did and the words you said
Made me think that our love would be better off dead
I can’t say I won’t love you tommorow
I can’t say I won’t dream of you tonite
But I can say I won’t let your traces of sorrow
Take away my sleep at night
I put my all into what we had everyday
Its just sad that it ended this way
My soul is gone and my heart is torn
I guess I’m just a misguided spirit who’s only able to mourn


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