The fact that she’s states away make me want to give up
But the fact that I feel like she’s the one for me makes giving up on her tough
I wish I knew which road to take
But it seems like either way my heart will find a reason to break
The love I’ve saved away for that special girl
Just might be for her and I’d tell the whole world
I can’t help the feeling she gives me
I can’t help that the thing bringing me down the most is me
I’ve tried in the past
But only to be cut with shattered glass
That used to form my heart at its best
I know I’ll dream of her when I rest
And she knows it too
But when someone you love is always on your mind what else can you do


One thought on “Crossroads

  1. It kills me to know I’m responsible for such deep grief, and I just dont know how to make it up to you, but I will do anything you ask and I can’t lie, I am in love with the man of my dreams, but also, more in love with you than I ever knew, though I dont know if that love is romantic or kin-ish, either way I bloody love you and I think if you asked to meet the girl of your dreams today, you may well bump into her if my wonderous finger men are doing their job. In an ideal world, I’d marry you and him but I dont know if that’s allowed or desired. In perfection, I’d get to love yoiu the way I should have to heal you, so you were ready for your one, but I dont think I am the one for you, otherwise we would have met at a different time, what I was is the shittiest crappiest delivery that you needed to learn the final bits of you that make things perfect with your perfect man/woman. Am I on some kinda crazy page where we are an odd and immensly strange 3 some already, and I have to del with the pain of losing both of you to each other. It would kill me almost, but I’d know it was the right thing for me in the long run. We just need to hook up in person to sort the details. I want to make things right with you, and the loves that don’t last forever are no less special than those that do, and you lady are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, with an art as big as a rugby ball, and a raging temper much like mine….My god complex bore no resembalnce to my half self rage, where-as you had full right to be fooooked off with my ice. I’ve melted proper, and I will love you unconditionally forever. I still love every love I’ve known and lost touch with, now go and get your own fucking glue 😉 TWIN TOWN moment of chuckles of a highest order! Dawny Xxx

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