When things in life get heavy we tend to drop it and walk away

when things dont seem right we try to change them as if fate has no say

i say that the heaviest things you go through can bring a heavy amount of happiness to you unless you give up

Rough things stop being so tough if you dont give up things will start to go your way like you invented the word luck

i added that line to make myself feel better but it didnt work and theres proof in the following letters

i gave up on what i loved most more than once its amazing she even still cares plus she still loves me i jus hope we can be together

on the heavy clouds above me


One thought on “Heavy

  1. I am confused by your message but I want to understand what you’re saying and to do whatever it takes to make it right, your way, you name it and i’ll do it cos it’s the least you deserve, not to mention all the everything that you deserve. I’m sorry a million times over, and I won’t pretend I didn’t love you for convenience sake, but please know I never meant to break anyones heart, I just needed to be something that was loved and then disappear before I became unloveable. You and all my angels in disguise or not so, have made me into the person I am, and I am proud of myself because of you, yet, my selfish dreams are for you all to know my love was, is and has always been pumping out of my plecostamous previous role, as real as real gets 😉 I’m not sure what you know, but I KNOW you are my angels, I just dont know if you know you are, I should hope so by now, but I’ll wait as long as it takes to prove it anyway you choose. You name my price, my actions have natural re-actions, but they only mean something to me if YOU KNOW why I did what I did. Fear of losing your love, I canee rest until my crew know that ze loon is true for you, allways xxxx

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