Ignored Wishes


i wished for a painless love but got a broken heart
i wished for this not to end the same way it managed to start
i cant say i dont miss you because we both know itd be a lie
but i just wish i could talk to someone about you without wanting to cry


One thought on “Ignored Wishes

  1. I feel that I know your soul personally and I was truly cruel in my outward dealings of our love, I’m so so sorry for hurting you and for being everything that is ugly about love, when it is incomplete and strong, it gets ugly. You were further along the path of truly loving someone, and that is why you were sent to me, as everything I had ever wanted. My fear was so great, one innocent lie back then, was like being eaten by sharks for fear of losing it’s perfection. The wise me knows that my entire perception of you was warped through the intensity of my feelings for you, and the misunderstood feelings of me, I hated myself and pushed this onto everyone else cos I couldn’t bear being what I was. I was blind to me, but never to you. You loved me with the perfect circle you owned and I was just hideous to you, but as non sensical as it sounds, it was the intensity of my love that caused me to be such an epic bitch. I think all of our pains are there to teach us something, and maybe you need to know that you were as near to perfect as a perfect soul gets, and your love was so massive, I needed your perfect love, to get me where I needed to go. if I had known then what I know now, that pain wouldn’t have happened. I’m so sorry and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, I have a feeling that the pain is a reflection of your polar opposite, insecurity renders us blind and the deepest menatl ills cause the worst pain, it hurts so much because your so near perfect you can’t help but feel the weight of your opposite, pure love, but christ on a stick, 2 mentalists on differing points on the path often cause great messes. If I could turn back time I would un-do my hideous behaviour and if you knocked on my door needing a friend forever, I would love you unconditonally for as long as you chose. We parted because you werent ‘The ONe’ yet you were the only one in the world who coulld save me from myself. Thank-you a million times for being everything that love knows, i’m sorry

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