Abandoned : Desean Magee & Rebecca Webster


I simply watch you, as u walk away
forcing me to move on and live out each day
all the conversations ended between me and you
empty is how i feel, and
i want to think you feel that way too

I tried loving you but you didn’t give me the chance
I used to fall asleep singing songs to you
Now the hope our love had has no chance
It used to always be you and me
Now it’s changed
Now it’s only me

I miss you and I’ll always love you
Ill never forget how tight my chest got when I hugged you
You pushed me away and had nothing to say
And now you’re the reason I cry everyday
My heart feels hollow inside
i guess ill never know the real reason you lied
i dont know what to do anymore
all i know is i look pathetic right now

I can’t get over you because I’m addicted to the sound
That your voice made as you walked out the door
Now as I sit here wishing pain didn’t exist
I also sit here and hope your eyes stumble across this
I miss you, i love you, i care
But i guess when reality sets in
You’ll never be there.

Bold Writing: Rebbeca Webster


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