Something You Forgot


youre doing all the things you said you wouldnt do while forgetting all the things you said you would do
and this is one of the reasons why youre about to
see my life go on without you
we fell for each other with no plans of getting up
or at least i fell while the other guys were already picking you up
i sit here and type till my fingers go numb
i jus never knew youd be the reason i feel so dumb
i look back at us now and think to myself
at what point in the world did faithful girls melt
i thought you would be the one in front of me in a white gown
but now all youve given me is this new frown
ill try to move on and report on how it goes
and how long itll take
i dont even think God knows
ill sit here and wait
till i meet my expiration date
maybe at that point in time
ill cross your mind
and youll realized you let our love die
as im in the line to heaven getting closer to the first spot
ill still be wondering how loving someone was something you forgot


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