Being a man isn’t determined by your age but by your Mental capacity and strength
Being poetic is using your mind not being born with a gift
Since the beginning man has evolved
Day by day the influence of God has dissolved
Not a lot of people still believe
But the ones who do always have exactly what they need
Man is a powerful race but to me we’re not the greatest
Man has destroyed earth and so many other places
From pollution to poverty
These poems are only a part Of me
Just a part of my legacy
A part of my flame that hasnt began to burn
We live and we learn
We all get a turn
To prove that the doubt of our generation of man has no reason to be firm
My message isn’t yet set in stone
My journey has just begun and I’m very far from home
The end will be something none of us could fathom or think of
Its sad that it’ll take the world ending for man to realize life has no re-runs


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