The things I’ve done for what I thought was love are beginning to make me sick
But all I can do now is shake my head and say to myself “get a grip”
I doubt it’ll work because I always end up in that same spot
I never knew why the pain wouldn’t stop
Now I see its the choices I’ve made
Picking the same type of contestants didn’t help me win this game
I guess this note is just me finally saying I’m done
Done with a lot
Done with my life not having a plot
Done with loving her and only having my heart drop
As I contemplate you come to mind pretty often
I used to think I’d be with you till I was in a coffin
But people change while they’re feelings stay the same
As you showed me as you became the winner of this game
It’s just a game to you but to me it meant so much more
It’s just a joke to you but I’ll be the one laughing as I walk out the door


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