Mistaken For Fate


no one knows what its like to be me but everyone seems to have a theory
some of the people who say they love me, i doubt they mean it dearly
no one knows what i fight
at night
in my mind
my soul is made up of 80% pain
the 20% of happiness isnt familiar enough for me to explain
i cant explain how hate replaced the love i thought that was brought to me for you by fate
my mind is with you but my heart is numb
if fate brought two people together it wouldnt be so rough
im not in love because im not aware of how it feels anymore
im no longer worried about you walking out the door
its the same thing happening in a loop
some say itll be worth it of i never give up but as of now i need some type of proof




when my eyes meet your eyes i see everything i ever wanted
when my eyes meet your eyes i realize youre mine and i want to flaunt it
you came into my life and changed me as a whole
since day one our souls have been locked together in this hold
if i were to lose you
id lose myself too
i never knew love could feel this good
if theres ever anything i could do to put a smile on your face i would
the vision i had of us being together has become a reality
when youre in my arms i feel like im floating away with no gravity

We The People


why is it that we can take away segregated schools
but we cant follow the golden rule
why are we so eager to fight for our friends and family but wont fight for our country
some live to lie and defy
while others strive to fly
defeat isnt an option for some
it isnt one for me
i know what ill become
ill be something youll love to see
i hope some day my words inspire some lost minds
i hope my words can change a life for the better one step at a time