Things I Cant Do


as years pass and i think about the last time i saw you
i feel more like a baby that has no one to crawl to
i miss everything about you and it saddens me because i cant see you
i cant hear you
i cant feel you
youre gone and im starting to feel like id love to be too
youre up above and i guess its for the best
you used to be what protected what was in my chest
we would talk until the sun went away
we were falling deeper in love day by day
the day i lost you is the day i changed
i think about the fact that no one else knows about you and i think its a shame
thats probably why my mind is in the shape that its in now
i used to smile at the thought of you but now sometimes i forget how
i still wish you were here
when i close my eyes i still see your last tear
i think about how much i changed inside
i dont think i could tell anyone how much you meant to me no matter how hard i tried
you were what held me together
you told me i was what kept you warm as if i was your sweater
the last words you said to me are very hard for me to repeat
and sometimes in some nights all i look forward to is nights full of sleep
because i can see you
and hear you
and in those dreams i can feel you
i just wish i could open up to someone and reveal you
maybe i will one day
not anytime soon because i dont know what i would say
one thing i do know is ill never manage to forget your face


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