this poem wont be about the economy or government
so you can cancel the premature rebuttal sense
this is a story about a mans life
about how he lost everything including his child and wife
they were on vacation in a small town feeling airless
they were filled with love and happiness and were almost careless
until the final day of the trip they encountered some danger and bad luck
things went wrong faster than they could handle
the happiness they felt began to dismantle
it was replaced with pain and tears
it was like this day became their biggest fear
smoke appeared as fire erupted stories above them
all the man wanted to do was tell his family he loved them
but his screams were coming from too far away for the child and wife to hear them
as the first building fell and the father’s life came to an end
as the second building fell with the wife and child standing to close ensured the family that they would soon be together again


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