Happiness Without a Catch


If I knew falling for someone so fast would come back to hurt me I would have packed a parachute
If I knew I’d be in this spot right now there’s so many different things I would have chosen to do
I just want happiness with no catch
A box of joy with no latch
I’d prefer no latch because I’d prefer it to always be open and spreading
But I feel like it’ll never happen because of where my emotions are heading
I’ve wished for a lot
And when I look at what I got
I think back to the old me and wonder why those emotions stopped
The thing you call a heart is missing in my chest
But I pretend its still there by abusing the word “love” like the rest
I wish I could get away
For a thousand days
Maybe even a million
If I could I’d pay a billion dollars for happiness without a catch
Better yet make it a trillion


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