Two Worlds


The exit is there
To a place where love is fair
It’s right there
In arms reach
The only problem is he’s missing that one limb needed for this task to be complete
He realizes his own world is something he can control and manipulate
He learned how manipulation works from people he let into his life when better people could have taken their place
Two worlds exist to him
But only one is reachable
When this world becomes too much
He expels himself to a place unthinkable
In this unthinkable world happiness is vivid
In this world there is no existence of words like “livid”
Smiles are on everyone’s face
It’s just too bad he can’t really go to this place
As thoughts come to his mind about what to add to this heaven of thought
His connection is broken by a war that he can’t yet say he has won after he fought


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