Windy Nights


On quiet nights when my breathing sounds like the winter wind
I think about the emotions floating within
I think about the world and what it means to me
I think about my future and what I plan to be
When my breathing sounds like the winter wind its because my imagination is knocking
I never knew why the key in the door to my creativity kept rocking
Its because it wants to show me the things it’s been working on while it was away
It’s been gone for a while and now it’s back to play
A moment when my mind is truly blank is rare
Kind of like finding no excitement or thrill in a dare
I wish I could display what goes on in my mind but until then I’ll keep writing
I love these windy nights when my imagination comes out of its hiding place


An End Declared


I wish she was in your place now
I’m getting tired of how sad my poems sound
I can never write a poem with a happy ending or an uplifting mood
I try to expand the rare happiness I find but you seem to be the reason it concludes
I tried not to latch onto you and I genuinely hoped it would work
Because that way when you betrayed me it wouldnt hurt
It’s sad but I couldn’t resist and I still don’t know why
I don’t know what drew me in so much
I don’t know what voided the option of giving up
Because as much as I doubt your love for me
I don’t think I’ll be the one to be able to say it’s enough
It’ll take me to snap to realize it wasn’t for me
It’ll take away the remains of my souls that you claimed but at least I’ll be free
At least I’ll be me
Not controlled by the hopes of the things my mind says you could have been
I just don’t know what it’ll take for me to actually declare and end