Your tears falling on my shirt act as a syringe
Inside that syringe sits love and fear bundled up into one partly round blur of emotions
I’ll never forget the way I feel right now
If I was lost I’d find my way back to you some how
You let my soul feel accepted
You were the choice I’d never regret
You mean to me too much to explain in words
I wish you and I could fly away with the birds
You’re here for me
I’m here for you
No matter what ill make you see
How much love my heart pumps for you


Ever Lasting


if an angel gave birth you would be the seed
if i was a greedy man you would be the greed
im stuck to you and i dont want it any other way
i dont think i could explain how much i love you in any way
i have never felt this way about another human being
theres never been a time this serious when pieces of me are disagreeing
im lost in myself
but i find solace in you
i dont need fame or wealth
just a life time with you
if 18 is too young for true love then this must be “Tuck Everlasting”
you know when love is genuine and when its from the pits of your heart
i know im in love you because when im crashing you are the only thing that can give me that needed spark