Around This Old Tree



Around this old tree
lies hope, pain, laughter and love
will you walk around





they fly then pop
as i watch in awe
i wish these things would never pause
the colors and sounds
are so profound
they make me think on a level i didnt know my mind could reach
theres nothing more soothing than this sound
of the fireworks going up and flying around
i laugh as they make me feel free
and i wonder if theres anything else that could make me feel this amazing

To The Pier


to the pier

would you walk with me to the pier
would you grab my hand as i alleviate your fears
or would you walk alone and leave me behind
leaving me to only wish about these times
when i walk along the pier at night listening to the water as it sings
i cant explain to you how calm it makes me and how much it means
if personifying the water doesnt show you what i feel
then how about informing you on my favorite way to heal
i lay in the sand with waves rising past my legs
the water moans and my mind floats
floats past the stars that are further the reach of any rope
time flies by and ive layed there for hours
then my pain is gone and replaced with power

Suspicious Sounds


as the sky turns grey and the sun fades away
the tone of the night becomes less and less comfortable to say
the sound of laughter is now the sound of unknown things
the feeling of fear is now much more gleaming
the group’s journey is coming to an end due to the fears arising
as they stop and stand what happens next is oh so suprising
the trees spread apart as something jumps out
the group was so scared that you could see their hair stick out
as they realize what jumped out at them they begin to laugh
because there is now a rabbit sitting in a fiends lap
they play with the rabbit for a few minutes more
and soon more animals emerge that they soon start to adore
from rabbits to monkeys
just about every animal that loves jumping
this night is no longer causing fear
but is now a night they’ll remember dearly