if i could float on water id just sit in this lake
id think of all the joy ive seen as fish jump past my face
id think of where ive been and where i am
id think of how much ive changed into this man
i could imagine seeing the ripples from a racing fish
and id end up trying to catch it after i tried to resist
id run after him for miles until theres no more lake
being on this lake would take away all the hate
and all the pain
itd make me calm enough to believe its impossible for one to become insane
id love being in the water
or on top rather
id just sit and think about life
and why mine will soon matter


Faded Tears



Laying in flowers she thinks of her life
She thinks of the day her love will make her his wife
She doesn’t speak aloud until what used to be a cloud
Is covered by his face as he sets down his guitar case
Soon she’s serenaded by the sound
Of his finger striking the guitar cords
As she wipes that falling tear that landed so perfectly on her cheek
She realizes she’s gonna be wiping more tears as he sings, “Will you marry me?”