Old Love


I used to know what it felt like
I used to know what it was
Now I’m clueless when someone mentions the word love
I sit here and think about it
I’m starting to live a life without it
I say it but don’t mean it
Or I mean it but don’t see it
I used to have a heart
Now it’s a cavity in my chest
There used to be life in me
Now I feel like I’ve taken a rest
It’s a thing of the past this thing called love
I wish I could fly away like a bug
To a place where I remember what love is
Until then ill sit here and write
Maybe then this thing will feel right






Walk with me
talk with me
fly and possibly fall with me
stay with me until our time runs out
i wonder if youd hear my love for you if i got on a rooftop and began to shout
or would you be lost in curiosity wondering where my mind is
i wish we werent so blinded
i wish we had a way to make it work
to make it perfect
until the end is blocking my path
ill keep you on my mind and if the feelings clash
and i cant take anymore
ill let you know as i head toward the door