Imagine having the one thing you wanted in life
Then imagine it gone
Now imagine being a billionaire
Then having to make money by standing on the corner singing a song
When things are taken from us our motivation goes with it
When things are taken we forget our chance to succeed existed
He gave up and gave in
Now there’s always a needle in his hand instead of his writing pen
His life seems to be over to him
Trying is completely worthless to him
He cries daily
A “no” formed from a “maybe”
The “maybe” was his chance to smile
Because he lost his child
His wife is there too
But she too has no idea what to do
They’re missing a piece of their puzzle
Their outspoken hearts have been covered with a muzzle
Time flies
Tears fall
They were so surprised
When they lost it all
She sits there and watches the raindrops fall down the window
She feels like the needle in his hand will make her a widow
She starts to cry and covers her face
He stops and walks to her
She says she can’t do this anymore
He says “I promise you won’t lose a loved one anymore”
She’s says “how if you’re doing this to yourself?”
He says “I can stop, I want you and nothing else”
Her face lights up
And the tears fade away
They both sit down and think of the events In the past few days
He lays with his wife and holds her tight
As she says “losing a child before it was even born just could never seem right”



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