The Problem Is


See the problem is these kids would rather listen to a song called “Bad Bitches” by Lil Wayne than listen to “Bitch Bad” by Lupe Fiasco
The problem is life is a fiasco
The problem is if you told them to pick a book or a gun, they’d take the gun
And run
Back into the streets
That consumed their purpose in life that they no longer have a chance to  see
Back into the streets to tell friends about the new heat they just got
Back into the streets so they can let loose a couple shots
Do you believe in fate?
Or destiny?
I do
It was my destiny to speak these words to you
But is fate the reason why these kids have no problem killing a man or two?
Or is fate the reason why our generation is the way it is so voices like mine could speak some sense into you
If I had one wish I’d wish for a perfect world
That means complete and utter happiness
So those times when you hate life and wanna curl up would no longer exist
They’d be replaced by times when you want to stand on a rooftop with your hands on your waist with your mind full of bliss
Heart full of joy
Instead of a mind full of doubt
And a heart full of pain that pours out
See the problem not a lot of people will read and understand this
The problem is only a few will appreciate this  


Hope For The Youth


Someone tell me where’s the hope for the youth
When most of us listen to music telling us to find a trigger and shoot
Just to get some loot
And someone tell me what makes it right
For these parents to see their child’s life fade and don’t care to step in and fight
What makes it okay
To have kids who’ll bully in an instant
But are scared to show that they’re mentally gifted
Why is it that being smart is wrong
And who told these kids they’re last option is to sell drugs then rap about it In a song
I must have missed that meeting
Or not read that memo
Because as my peers are fleeing and disappearing
I think about how the control these kids have on their own lives isn’t even remote
Where’s the hope for the youth
When we’re pushed into being a recluse
Because we’re not all the popular kids
Because we’re just sitting in the midst of it all
Instead of actually being a part
Being a part of the joy and love
I’m starting to believe there’s no hope for the youth
But a chance for the few
But when that chance finds its recipients
Will one of them be you