The leaves on the trees whistle as the animals walk through them
The sounds of the collage of animals draws me to them
I hear birds and monkeys
Wolves and snakes
As I try to decide into which I’d like to reincarnate
I come closer to a snake
Looks a lot like a Boa
Then I watch in awe as it envelopes a lizard and it’s entire aura
This day has become amazing
And surprising as well
As I touch the hand of an Ape about 6 feet tall I’m flooded with amazement and awe
It stands and looks at me in utter confusion
I already know people would think this day was just an illusion
It walks away and stops to look back
And waves his hand bye to show he won’t be coming back
I still didn’t understand how I actually got hear or what this all means
But the happiness was taken away when I woke up and realized it was just another dream


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