Standing Few


When things around you fall you don’t have to
When people around you go bad you don’t have to
Be the diamond in the rough
The one good seed
Follow the words that motivate you not depreciate your value
We see the generations getting worse as the days go by
We see mothers having more and more reasons to cry
Because her son is criminal
Or her daughter has gone missing because of one of those criminals
Few kids think knowledge is power
And I think I’ve met them all
And these few kids will tower over the evil around them as it all falls
These few kids will keep morals in existence
These few kids will decrease the need Of repentance
Or at least give everything they have trying to
Thinking about the next meeting they’re flying to
To speak about the new disease they cured
Or the homeless man they sheltered
Or hungry child they fed
As these people show their evil ways only one thing runs through my head
And that’s being one of those few who feed and not one who eat away at the world instead



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