Lost Souls


Life is a great thing
It holds so much possibility
But life is also one thing that’s hardly ever conquered easily
Some can make it
Some look at their own life and take it
They may not believe that life is worth living
But these people alone are the reason I love giving
I want to give hope
I cringe when hearing about someone choosing to dangle themselves from a rope
Teens who could have been a doctor
One who helps extend and improve life
They could have grown to have sons and daughters
But now will never know what it feels like to be or have a husband or wife
Life is the greatest thing ever
But also the hardest
Just know that there are some people out there who don’t want the pain to harvest
Be strong
Be content with yourself
Because after all the only opinion of you that matters is the one you hold in yourself
I know the pain exists
It comes with life
But when the pain comes
Stand up tall and fight
If I could id take it all away
If I could id make sure every day
There’s no one alive who wants to take their life away
The razors
The pills
The rope
Are all things I want to help you be able to let go
I just hope this letter is read by someone and makes them look at giving up and say no