Second Coming


The world will soon see
What the words have truly meant
When he comes to speak




I used to be afraid of death
But only because we will never know which day we will take our last step
which word will draw our last breath
I wonder now will my words be forgotten after I am long gone
If so then I’ll have lived my life all wrong
I don’t want the riches
I want to make an impact
I want to speak power into a broken soul and give their strength back
To help them levitate
Before its too late
Before their family stands above a casket saying “I guess he couldnt take it”
Give me the power to give hope and I’ll be the wealthiest man alive
The power to travel the world using my words to take away that guy wrenching urge to cry
We’ve all been there
Felt the tears forming behind our eyes like waves of a tsunami
I want my existence to make a difference without me
I want to give a child a smile in the place of a heart that feels empty
I only fear not making a difference
Not being able to help someone feel stronger and make them resistant
Resistant to sadness
To defeat
Because you’ve never lost until your mind accepts defeat
I hope this brings a smile to just one face
Maybe then I’ll be okay with my soul floating to a different place