Fruitful Soul


A young fruitful soul is like an unreachable piece of gold
A family I’m dying need of warmth to me it would be that last burning coal
I used to wonder what it would be like when I become old
To live a life of wisdom and faith
To become a man that people can look at and see the pure joy on my face
There are so many old souls stuck in the bodies of prepubescent children
That glow and spark because they speak to all men and women
There are so many fruitful souls stuck in bodies behind fear
Fear to come out and let the world hear
Hear what it needs to hear
To show us what we need to see
We need to see that if we can’t find a source of happiness in the world then all we need to do is make it
You’re given an infinite amount of chances of life
It just takes effort to find them and make it right
Don’t let these standards buckle you down and set your boundaries
You control your life and everything it sees
Instead of giving up at the intersection
Pick a road
Set a mission
And let the world see your fruitful soul
We all have treasure the world needs to see
What else are we here for?
If my message is spread enough to make a change then the next time I sleep can be my last
If I can help you see the worth of your existence you can make sure Fruitful souls never become a thing of the past