How Do You Know?


How does one truly know they’re in love?
Is it because you don’t fight with your mind when you tell someone you are?
Or maybe because you know you’d do anything for someone like jump in front of a moving car to save them?
For me, its much more complicated than that
For me, it has to backed up with mental and emotional facts
I know I love you because the thought of you makes me feel like the world isn’t as bad
Because feeling your skin on mine makes my mind go crazy with excitement, sometimes I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack
I know I love you because when I think into the future you’re the one there with me and the one ill always have
I know that my love for you is true because I know no one can or will take your place
It would be insane for someone to think they could
Your voice can take away any pain I have, it has before and I have never told you
You know your love for someone is true when your head is pounding and every sound or movement you make hurts but as soon as that person speaks the pain is through
Even when you’re sleeping and I look at you, you make me feel so good
What is love if this isn’t? I have to know before my time on this planet is through
If you truly believe in soul mates and the person you say those three words to live up to those in your mind then yes, you’re truly in love
Because if you were not you would be looking for the one who really deserves your love
When you think of a person and your mood is changed in a split second you have to be in love
If you can genuinely forgive someone for causing you pain, you must be in love
If there is a god, when I die and meet them the first thing I will do is thank them for letting you into my life
You make my life worth it
You make the image of love perfect
You make this world painless
What do you think of when someone asks you what pain is?
If you think of losing that person then yes, you have got to be in love
I never thought id be able to say this
I never thought the day would come where a person could make my life painless
You’re all I need in life
The perfect image of my wife
You’re only in love if I ask you would you die for that person and you can say yes without even thinking twice
You’re perfection, happiness and motivation all wrapped in one
Until you understand what you mean to me as you understand your name, my duties on this earth will never be done