Do you know what its like dating emotions?

What its like spending every day looking for that perfect mix of a soothing potion?

One to give to your lover so that she knows you’ll always be there

Or one that stops her from fighting the fact that the thought is already there

See those who say depression is something people can control and erase have simply never lived through it

Those who say anxiety isn’t real have simply never panicked when someone asks if you love them even though both parties know the answer to it

My life is my child and soon to be wife

She knows i love her unconditionally but her mind just will not give up on this fight

“What if he leaves?”

“What do you mean? You know he loves you”

“I know its not likely at all but bad things do come true”

She argues with her mind throughout the day

But her mind can be put at ease for a while if i can find the right thing to say

Those are the moments i live for

Those are why if someone asks if im ever gonna leave my response is, ” first there has to be a door”

If we grew old and she grew sick i would be by her side supplying anything she needed from hugs, walks in the park to making her fall in love with me over and over again if she developed amnesia

Ill do whatever it takes to get through to her

Ill take her anywhere she feels like her soul is pushing her

I will be that rock she grabs when she feels like shes falling off of a cliff

I will be the one she always has no matter how rough it gets

She taught me how to love a woman and appreciate the light she brings into my life

It feels so perfect at 22 calling her my wife

This is my life

My life is perfect for me

Just always remember you are my life and its impossible for me to leave

When your mind says otherwise think of my voice

Telling you i love you and i would never live life without you no matter the second choice

Though there are constant battles in her mind that she feels like she will always lose

I just hope it is as clear for you as it is for me, this love can never be misconstrued




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