Richest Woman From Poverty


She grew up with challenges every day yet she prevailed

She walked through whatever life through at her with a smile whether it were rain, sleet or hail

She grew to be an independent woman no one could misguide or lead astray

Constantly climbing obstacles this thing called life would put in her way

She showed love to everyone she met

Her will to survive would insure you’d never lose a bet

She had a son at a young age in a rough part of her life

Did this in a rough part of Michigan but with two chances to fail she stood tall twice

She struggled for years to make it through with her son

So many restless nights

Working and working to provide a better life

For her son that she tucked in every night

This woman was hated for her strength on a  daily basis but never quit

Traps were set but she would never fall or trip

She grew to be a queen in his eyes

She made sure he was always loved, this child never cried

This is what what makes her rich, not her home or car she drives

This woman did things she didnt even know she was able to

When she made a decision her son was at the table too

They grew very close over the years as it was just the two of them

Living in poverty but rich in happiness

Her determination never wavered, her good spirit never left

Because she knew and loved the fact that her son was one good thing she had left

She was shunned by everyone but her only son

But that was enough for her to keep going and never take wrong turns

With every day that passed she taught this son how to be a man

All by herself i might add

She always believed a great father doesnt always need a dad

Handling every issue as if she had before

If you saw these two together you wouldn’t believe they were poor

She knew if a single mother could raise a beautiful son then that son could then raise another

He always knew his strong love for people came from his mother

She spent her life helping others so he wanted to do the same

He wanted to make sure he never had to question if she was proud of their last name

She was rich with a very pure soul

Teaching him things that would stick with this son until he grew old

Their love for one another is infinite

The way a mother and son ought to be

She showed this son you can have a million dollar soul and be rich in poverty



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