Come Back


I don’t know when you left

I don’t remember the last time you were here

But I know when I look into a mirror I don’t see anyone that I know standing there

I see an empty body

With no soul inside

I do know why you left though

To avoid all the pain

To never face it again and never feel the same

But where has that left me?

The body with no one inside

It’s left you losing battles with your mind

The ones you used to win all the time

The ones where you would decide for us to to fight instead of sitting and letting the pain survive

I forgot how to love when you left

And how it feels to be loved by a person

I forgot how to trust someone please come back and have mercy

The things you saw and the things you went through are not as bad as the things I go through now only without you I don’t know what to do

I’m lost without you

I feel dead without you

Please come back and show me what to do

I’m just asking the soul that was once here to come back into this body and show me, the brain what to do


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