Think Twice


Thinking twice is something most of us never do
Then when we try to find out why we feel like were gonna lose it we have no clue
Think twice before you try that blunt knowing you’ve been pregnant for 6 months
Think twice before falling for the guy who calls you sexy instead of beautiful
Instead of the guy who would make sure the day never comes in which he’s losing you
Think twice before you drink that beer then get behind the wheel
Then end up in court explaining how your drunk driving ended up having someone’s child being killed
Think twice before you a abort that child that could have been or had a wife
Think about if God was gonna create you and decided not to give you life
Think twice before you walk past someone getting bullied or abused
Think about if it was your mother, your sister or even you
Think twice before you pick up a gun to end some hatred instead of picking the right words to find a way to make it
Think twice before writing this poem off as just another solemn attempt to make change
Think twice before selling drugs instead of finding a job to make a name
Think twice before feeling like anything life throws at you is meant to be easy or perfect
But think twice more before feeling like it won’t all be worth it
I think before I act more than I used to
Because regretting my actions was something I was becoming accustomed to
I never said I was perfect at any point in my life
But I’ll get as close I can to it spending every day and night
I fight for what’s right
I hope one day my words can stop someone’s tears at night
I hope to change someone’s life for the better
I just hope someone gets something from this solemn and heartfelt letter


Hope For The Youth


Someone tell me where’s the hope for the youth
When most of us listen to music telling us to find a trigger and shoot
Just to get some loot
And someone tell me what makes it right
For these parents to see their child’s life fade and don’t care to step in and fight
What makes it okay
To have kids who’ll bully in an instant
But are scared to show that they’re mentally gifted
Why is it that being smart is wrong
And who told these kids they’re last option is to sell drugs then rap about it In a song
I must have missed that meeting
Or not read that memo
Because as my peers are fleeing and disappearing
I think about how the control these kids have on their own lives isn’t even remote
Where’s the hope for the youth
When we’re pushed into being a recluse
Because we’re not all the popular kids
Because we’re just sitting in the midst of it all
Instead of actually being a part
Being a part of the joy and love
I’m starting to believe there’s no hope for the youth
But a chance for the few
But when that chance finds its recipients
Will one of them be you




Imagine having the one thing you wanted in life
Then imagine it gone
Now imagine being a billionaire
Then having to make money by standing on the corner singing a song
When things are taken from us our motivation goes with it
When things are taken we forget our chance to succeed existed
He gave up and gave in
Now there’s always a needle in his hand instead of his writing pen
His life seems to be over to him
Trying is completely worthless to him
He cries daily
A “no” formed from a “maybe”
The “maybe” was his chance to smile
Because he lost his child
His wife is there too
But she too has no idea what to do
They’re missing a piece of their puzzle
Their outspoken hearts have been covered with a muzzle
Time flies
Tears fall
They were so surprised
When they lost it all
She sits there and watches the raindrops fall down the window
She feels like the needle in his hand will make her a widow
She starts to cry and covers her face
He stops and walks to her
She says she can’t do this anymore
He says “I promise you won’t lose a loved one anymore”
She’s says “how if you’re doing this to yourself?”
He says “I can stop, I want you and nothing else”
Her face lights up
And the tears fade away
They both sit down and think of the events In the past few days
He lays with his wife and holds her tight
As she says “losing a child before it was even born just could never seem right”


Faded Tears



Laying in flowers she thinks of her life
She thinks of the day her love will make her his wife
She doesn’t speak aloud until what used to be a cloud
Is covered by his face as he sets down his guitar case
Soon she’s serenaded by the sound
Of his finger striking the guitar cords
As she wipes that falling tear that landed so perfectly on her cheek
She realizes she’s gonna be wiping more tears as he sings, “Will you marry me?”




they fly then pop
as i watch in awe
i wish these things would never pause
the colors and sounds
are so profound
they make me think on a level i didnt know my mind could reach
theres nothing more soothing than this sound
of the fireworks going up and flying around
i laugh as they make me feel free
and i wonder if theres anything else that could make me feel this amazing

To The Pier


to the pier

would you walk with me to the pier
would you grab my hand as i alleviate your fears
or would you walk alone and leave me behind
leaving me to only wish about these times
when i walk along the pier at night listening to the water as it sings
i cant explain to you how calm it makes me and how much it means
if personifying the water doesnt show you what i feel
then how about informing you on my favorite way to heal
i lay in the sand with waves rising past my legs
the water moans and my mind floats
floats past the stars that are further the reach of any rope
time flies by and ive layed there for hours
then my pain is gone and replaced with power