How Do You Know?


How does one truly know they’re in love?
Is it because you don’t fight with your mind when you tell someone you are?
Or maybe because you know you’d do anything for someone like jump in front of a moving car to save them?
For me, its much more complicated than that
For me, it has to backed up with mental and emotional facts
I know I love you because the thought of you makes me feel like the world isn’t as bad
Because feeling your skin on mine makes my mind go crazy with excitement, sometimes I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack
I know I love you because when I think into the future you’re the one there with me and the one ill always have
I know that my love for you is true because I know no one can or will take your place
It would be insane for someone to think they could
Your voice can take away any pain I have, it has before and I have never told you
You know your love for someone is true when your head is pounding and every sound or movement you make hurts but as soon as that person speaks the pain is through
Even when you’re sleeping and I look at you, you make me feel so good
What is love if this isn’t? I have to know before my time on this planet is through
If you truly believe in soul mates and the person you say those three words to live up to those in your mind then yes, you’re truly in love
Because if you were not you would be looking for the one who really deserves your love
When you think of a person and your mood is changed in a split second you have to be in love
If you can genuinely forgive someone for causing you pain, you must be in love
If there is a god, when I die and meet them the first thing I will do is thank them for letting you into my life
You make my life worth it
You make the image of love perfect
You make this world painless
What do you think of when someone asks you what pain is?
If you think of losing that person then yes, you have got to be in love
I never thought id be able to say this
I never thought the day would come where a person could make my life painless
You’re all I need in life
The perfect image of my wife
You’re only in love if I ask you would you die for that person and you can say yes without even thinking twice
You’re perfection, happiness and motivation all wrapped in one
Until you understand what you mean to me as you understand your name, my duties on this earth will never be done


Second Coming


The world will soon see
What the words have truly meant
When he comes to speak



I used to be afraid of death
But only because we will never know which day we will take our last step
which word will draw our last breath
I wonder now will my words be forgotten after I am long gone
If so then I’ll have lived my life all wrong
I don’t want the riches
I want to make an impact
I want to speak power into a broken soul and give their strength back
To help them levitate
Before its too late
Before their family stands above a casket saying “I guess he couldnt take it”
Give me the power to give hope and I’ll be the wealthiest man alive
The power to travel the world using my words to take away that guy wrenching urge to cry
We’ve all been there
Felt the tears forming behind our eyes like waves of a tsunami
I want my existence to make a difference without me
I want to give a child a smile in the place of a heart that feels empty
I only fear not making a difference
Not being able to help someone feel stronger and make them resistant
Resistant to sadness
To defeat
Because you’ve never lost until your mind accepts defeat
I hope this brings a smile to just one face
Maybe then I’ll be okay with my soul floating to a different place

Think Twice


Thinking twice is something most of us never do
Then when we try to find out why we feel like were gonna lose it we have no clue
Think twice before you try that blunt knowing you’ve been pregnant for 6 months
Think twice before falling for the guy who calls you sexy instead of beautiful
Instead of the guy who would make sure the day never comes in which he’s losing you
Think twice before you drink that beer then get behind the wheel
Then end up in court explaining how your drunk driving ended up having someone’s child being killed
Think twice before you a abort that child that could have been or had a wife
Think about if God was gonna create you and decided not to give you life
Think twice before you walk past someone getting bullied or abused
Think about if it was your mother, your sister or even you
Think twice before you pick up a gun to end some hatred instead of picking the right words to find a way to make it
Think twice before writing this poem off as just another solemn attempt to make change
Think twice before selling drugs instead of finding a job to make a name
Think twice before feeling like anything life throws at you is meant to be easy or perfect
But think twice more before feeling like it won’t all be worth it
I think before I act more than I used to
Because regretting my actions was something I was becoming accustomed to
I never said I was perfect at any point in my life
But I’ll get as close I can to it spending every day and night
I fight for what’s right
I hope one day my words can stop someone’s tears at night
I hope to change someone’s life for the better
I just hope someone gets something from this solemn and heartfelt letter

Bottom Line


As I read the last line of this poem I hope you know I’m here to help you
I hope you know I’ll be there to cool you down when you feel like the pain and stress will melt you
The bottom line is you’ll always have me
My mission every night is to see you fall asleep happily
I’ve written a lot of things to you
But when I think of what to say in person I have no clue
I’m lost
Without you
Complete and at peace with you
The bottom line is you’ll have my heart
If I had one wish it’d be that we never part
This may be just another love letter
But the fact that it’s about you makes it so much better
I never thought I could love this much
I never thought I’d fight this hard and never give up
As the days go by
Followed by the nights I lay down staring at the sky
I think about how much I love you
And I’ve finally realized why
The bottom line is you’re great
You’re the reason I smile
You’re all I need
You’re everything to me
When you’re feeling trapped in a dark and gloomy place I’ll be there soon to help you shine
I guess I’m just trying to say
you’re my bottom line


Humming In The Air



As I sit here chaoticly striking the stings of my guitar
I think of us laying back gazing at the stars
“There’s a humming in the restless summer air”
I feel like it’s lifting my soul way up there
That humming is your voice
I fly so high and get stuck with no choice
I love when I touch you and you blush
I love when my soul glows when my body feels your subtle touch
You lift me up mentally
While freeing me spiritually
Although most of my poems are for you The urge to tell you feel just won’t go away from me
So I guess until I’m gone you’ll hear and read these lines
Telling the stories and memories we’ve made
And In due time
You’ll be the one with my last name
There’s this dream I had
Martin Luther King dreamed of equality and peace
While I’m sitting here dreaming of the day that for you  I can let my heart off this leash
Eminem fought for a chance to lose himself and prove himself
While I fight to prove that I won’t lose myself
Although I may lose myself in you
Sometimes when i see your face I don’t know what to do
Other than smile and kiss you
100 and ten percent of me wants you to spend the rest of your life with me
Come take my hand
While I take your mind to places unknown
I just hope my love for you will always be known

Hope For The Youth


Someone tell me where’s the hope for the youth
When most of us listen to music telling us to find a trigger and shoot
Just to get some loot
And someone tell me what makes it right
For these parents to see their child’s life fade and don’t care to step in and fight
What makes it okay
To have kids who’ll bully in an instant
But are scared to show that they’re mentally gifted
Why is it that being smart is wrong
And who told these kids they’re last option is to sell drugs then rap about it In a song
I must have missed that meeting
Or not read that memo
Because as my peers are fleeing and disappearing
I think about how the control these kids have on their own lives isn’t even remote
Where’s the hope for the youth
When we’re pushed into being a recluse
Because we’re not all the popular kids
Because we’re just sitting in the midst of it all
Instead of actually being a part
Being a part of the joy and love
I’m starting to believe there’s no hope for the youth
But a chance for the few
But when that chance finds its recipients
Will one of them be you