we have no points in which we meet
all were worried about is defeat
so we fight for no reason pushing it all away
i tried but i wish that was something you could honestly say
i love you and i tell you every day
i stopped getting a response a while ago
i wish i could find a way to let you know
that i wish you never let me go
because the things that you know
dont seem to be enough
im lost in my heart
stranded in my feelings
i wish there were some form of healing
i wish the happiness could spark
but i knew that it wouldnt from the start
i still chose to jump in this and i dont know why
we couldnt make a pyramid and your distance emotionally is the reason why




the fact that shes by my side is the reason i havent quit

when i was falling apart she came along and acted as some form of cement

she holds me together and never lets me break

if i ever lost her i dont think id know how much i could take

shes my everything and more

ive never felt love like this before

shes all i need and all i want

i love this so much its so hard not to flaunt

when we talk i smile

when we dont i frown

id walk thousands of miles to bring the forwn on her face down

love is only love when you dont have to question it

and we both have no doubts so this must be it

We Must Be Killers


From the way you push us away we must be killers
Society kicks us down while we belong on our noble pillars
Were different to some but weird to most
Some of you would rather have a conversation with a ghost
Rather than someone of my nature
I think it’ll never be any better until we all meet our maker
When they can sit back and realize what they killed
We cried
We tried
We let go while you let us die
They try to make us look like murderers but people rarely believe the positive truth
They only believe when were on the verge of death with no clue
But if our image is a group of unique people being pushed away with the likes of murderers then what does that make you

I Love You


She sits by his side while hes not feeling too well
She says if you leave , I’ll retire as well
She runs her hand through his hair as it brings out a smile
His sickness is preventing him from showing it but his heart is going wild
She loves him and he loves her the same
When their love was set loose it lost chances of being tamed
They’ve been together since they’re eyes locked in
At that moment they became best friends and never split again
Theyve been taking all day
Now the sun begins to creep away
The last thing he heard were The 3 words she never heard him say