Ill never open up again
My heart was slightly ajar but now it’s cemented shut again
I can never clearly express
All I bring people is pain, anger and distress
I want to try but its clear there’s no hope left in you
This entire time I thought my mind was clear to you
I saw things would change and for that I was prepared
But I wasn’t expecting to look in the mirror and see a disgrace standing there




This haiku explains
what my poems represent
Love , hate , joy , and pain



Once you start hearing voices there’s not much you can do to stop them except go to sleep
But that’s not an option for me either right now so ill just let those voices speak
I feel trapped somehow with walls in every direction
I feel misplaced and I’m begining to not recognize my reflection
Things I’ve seen clash with things I belieive
And they create fear that doesn’t look like it’ll leave
The voices are saying I’m going through a change
But for this metamorphasis I doubt there’s a name
The voices are laughing now as if its just a game
The voices are making me think there’s a small time limit left on the time I have before I’m clinically insane