Think Twice


Thinking twice is something most of us never do
Then when we try to find out why we feel like were gonna lose it we have no clue
Think twice before you try that blunt knowing you’ve been pregnant for 6 months
Think twice before falling for the guy who calls you sexy instead of beautiful
Instead of the guy who would make sure the day never comes in which he’s losing you
Think twice before you drink that beer then get behind the wheel
Then end up in court explaining how your drunk driving ended up having someone’s child being killed
Think twice before you a abort that child that could have been or had a wife
Think about if God was gonna create you and decided not to give you life
Think twice before you walk past someone getting bullied or abused
Think about if it was your mother, your sister or even you
Think twice before you pick up a gun to end some hatred instead of picking the right words to find a way to make it
Think twice before writing this poem off as just another solemn attempt to make change
Think twice before selling drugs instead of finding a job to make a name
Think twice before feeling like anything life throws at you is meant to be easy or perfect
But think twice more before feeling like it won’t all be worth it
I think before I act more than I used to
Because regretting my actions was something I was becoming accustomed to
I never said I was perfect at any point in my life
But I’ll get as close I can to it spending every day and night
I fight for what’s right
I hope one day my words can stop someone’s tears at night
I hope to change someone’s life for the better
I just hope someone gets something from this solemn and heartfelt letter


Hope For The Youth


Someone tell me where’s the hope for the youth
When most of us listen to music telling us to find a trigger and shoot
Just to get some loot
And someone tell me what makes it right
For these parents to see their child’s life fade and don’t care to step in and fight
What makes it okay
To have kids who’ll bully in an instant
But are scared to show that they’re mentally gifted
Why is it that being smart is wrong
And who told these kids they’re last option is to sell drugs then rap about it In a song
I must have missed that meeting
Or not read that memo
Because as my peers are fleeing and disappearing
I think about how the control these kids have on their own lives isn’t even remote
Where’s the hope for the youth
When we’re pushed into being a recluse
Because we’re not all the popular kids
Because we’re just sitting in the midst of it all
Instead of actually being a part
Being a part of the joy and love
I’m starting to believe there’s no hope for the youth
But a chance for the few
But when that chance finds its recipients
Will one of them be you




I’m an example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover
Because nine times out of ten if you looked at me you couldn’t see me as a writer or maybe even a lover
People say I’m not the typical poet and I love that
Because if I was just an average joe id hate that
I write because I feel like someone out there has to feel the same way I feel
One person told me she saw my poems and they helped her heal
The strange yet amazing part is I had no idea who she was
I didn’t know she knew I existed
But now I know for sure when you think of average guys I won’t be on that list
I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked at me and didn’t think I wrote the things on this site
But to turn a disbeliever into a believer I’d work all day and night

Abandoned : Desean Magee & Rebecca Webster


I simply watch you, as u walk away
forcing me to move on and live out each day
all the conversations ended between me and you
empty is how i feel, and
i want to think you feel that way too

I tried loving you but you didn’t give me the chance
I used to fall asleep singing songs to you
Now the hope our love had has no chance
It used to always be you and me
Now it’s changed
Now it’s only me

I miss you and I’ll always love you
Ill never forget how tight my chest got when I hugged you
You pushed me away and had nothing to say
And now you’re the reason I cry everyday
My heart feels hollow inside
i guess ill never know the real reason you lied
i dont know what to do anymore
all i know is i look pathetic right now

I can’t get over you because I’m addicted to the sound
That your voice made as you walked out the door
Now as I sit here wishing pain didn’t exist
I also sit here and hope your eyes stumble across this
I miss you, i love you, i care
But i guess when reality sets in
You’ll never be there.

Bold Writing: Rebbeca Webster



He’s isolated and dedicated
His mind can do so much when he’s meditated
He uses his pen to make amends
With the pain he instilled onto the people he called his friends
The ones who love him truly stick around
While as the others walk away their footsteps make no sound
He then again vents and tries to move on
If a poem doesn’t get the job done then he writes himself a song
A beautiful mind doesn’t hide behind anything
A powerful mind will make something out of anything
He sits back to think
About what not to say when he speaks
But all that comes to mind
Is all the mistakes he made which is followed by grief



His weapon is your weakness and your weakness is your heart
But you’re heart is only weak if you were evil from the start
If you give him what he wants he uses you then ignores you and throws you away
But if you defy him then he pays attention to you every single day
He wants you to join him and follow his dreams
He wants you to commit the sins while he sits behind he scenes
As time passes and your dream crashes
And you realize you were lied to
You think back to when people warned you and my name comes to mind because I tried to

Friendship : Desean & Xuan


Xuan – I still remember the first day we met
We were too shy to say much at all
It’s funny to think back to that time
Because now were having a ball
Desean– she’s my best friend forever and ever
When she hugs me I get mor comfort than a perfectly knitted sweater
She’s the best at keepin me happy so I do the same for her
Xuan– He funny, silly && tall
He’s the sweetest of them all
Desean– shes cool , beautiful and athletic
If i ever lost her id need a medic
Xuan-Hes there for me when I need to talk, he’s so caring, he’d even come to my house if I told him I needed a walk
Desean– when my heart is hurt because an ex
She makes me laff and gets rid of the pain like a hex
Xuan– My mind is blank so I have nothing to say except bestfriend I love you, && it’ll forever stay that way
Desean -my mind is dull too so its time to conclude
She loves me and i love my bestfriend too