Fruitful Soul


A young fruitful soul is like an unreachable piece of gold
A family I’m dying need of warmth to me it would be that last burning coal
I used to wonder what it would be like when I become old
To live a life of wisdom and faith
To become a man that people can look at and see the pure joy on my face
There are so many old souls stuck in the bodies of prepubescent children
That glow and spark because they speak to all men and women
There are so many fruitful souls stuck in bodies behind fear
Fear to come out and let the world hear
Hear what it needs to hear
To show us what we need to see
We need to see that if we can’t find a source of happiness in the world then all we need to do is make it
You’re given an infinite amount of chances of life
It just takes effort to find them and make it right
Don’t let these standards buckle you down and set your boundaries
You control your life and everything it sees
Instead of giving up at the intersection
Pick a road
Set a mission
And let the world see your fruitful soul
We all have treasure the world needs to see
What else are we here for?
If my message is spread enough to make a change then the next time I sleep can be my last
If I can help you see the worth of your existence you can make sure Fruitful souls never become a thing of the past




Yesterday I realized how short life really is
Today I looked at my life and realized I’m not satisfied with this
You’re given just enough time on this earth to leave a mark
So how could you be content with leaving it knowing you didn’t create any sparks?
My biggest dream is to speak at an inauguration
So that my words can finally be spread across a nation
So I can help lift the ones that feel like life has done nothing but knock them down
That would take away my ability to frown
Power is something many people would kill for
Power is something people gain but aren’t really ready for
I just want the power to give power
I just want my words to be as mesmerizing as the Eiffel Tower




I used to be afraid of death
But only because we will never know which day we will take our last step
which word will draw our last breath
I wonder now will my words be forgotten after I am long gone
If so then I’ll have lived my life all wrong
I don’t want the riches
I want to make an impact
I want to speak power into a broken soul and give their strength back
To help them levitate
Before its too late
Before their family stands above a casket saying “I guess he couldnt take it”
Give me the power to give hope and I’ll be the wealthiest man alive
The power to travel the world using my words to take away that guy wrenching urge to cry
We’ve all been there
Felt the tears forming behind our eyes like waves of a tsunami
I want my existence to make a difference without me
I want to give a child a smile in the place of a heart that feels empty
I only fear not making a difference
Not being able to help someone feel stronger and make them resistant
Resistant to sadness
To defeat
Because you’ve never lost until your mind accepts defeat
I hope this brings a smile to just one face
Maybe then I’ll be okay with my soul floating to a different place

Think Twice


Thinking twice is something most of us never do
Then when we try to find out why we feel like were gonna lose it we have no clue
Think twice before you try that blunt knowing you’ve been pregnant for 6 months
Think twice before falling for the guy who calls you sexy instead of beautiful
Instead of the guy who would make sure the day never comes in which he’s losing you
Think twice before you drink that beer then get behind the wheel
Then end up in court explaining how your drunk driving ended up having someone’s child being killed
Think twice before you a abort that child that could have been or had a wife
Think about if God was gonna create you and decided not to give you life
Think twice before you walk past someone getting bullied or abused
Think about if it was your mother, your sister or even you
Think twice before you pick up a gun to end some hatred instead of picking the right words to find a way to make it
Think twice before writing this poem off as just another solemn attempt to make change
Think twice before selling drugs instead of finding a job to make a name
Think twice before feeling like anything life throws at you is meant to be easy or perfect
But think twice more before feeling like it won’t all be worth it
I think before I act more than I used to
Because regretting my actions was something I was becoming accustomed to
I never said I was perfect at any point in my life
But I’ll get as close I can to it spending every day and night
I fight for what’s right
I hope one day my words can stop someone’s tears at night
I hope to change someone’s life for the better
I just hope someone gets something from this solemn and heartfelt letter

Living to Dream


it seems like dreaming is a gateway to paradise

it seems like when i close my eyes and drift off i enter another life

the visions of happiness and peace

the people walking around sharing joy and love

once im asleep the pain is released

once im asleep i feel like ive already died and floated above

the dreams that i fly have to be the best thing ive ever been through

i just float up and choose a place to glide to

the empire state building or take a journey to paris

when im alseep im in a world of happiness i dont want to leave

im starting to feel like im only living to dream




Standing here alone after dark while the wind brushes against my face, I wonder what I want to be
As I walk
Deeper into the dark
I see a car fly by every five minutes or so, each driver dropping off the same look at me
“Who are you? And why are you here?”
“You don’t seem to fit in with your peers”
That long look
And that calm wind
Seems to only make me wish more I could meet the end
The end of the anxiety and confusion
The end of being stuck behind this delusion
Or illusion
The illusion of control
While at the same time I feel like I’m just a pawn everyone just loves to hold
Like I’m just that last drop of glue that helps their ideas shape and mold
I feel useless
I feel lost
I feel betrayed as Jesus should have while he was on the cross
If only I could forgive
Then start to forget
If only I wasn’t buried so deep in this
If only I wasn’t on the edge, standing over defeat and failure, if only I hadn’t tried to take that step to get across to the platform of peace, comfort and bliss
If only I hadn’t taken that step, missed and slipped