Humming In The Air



As I sit here chaoticly striking the stings of my guitar
I think of us laying back gazing at the stars
“There’s a humming in the restless summer air”
I feel like it’s lifting my soul way up there
That humming is your voice
I fly so high and get stuck with no choice
I love when I touch you and you blush
I love when my soul glows when my body feels your subtle touch
You lift me up mentally
While freeing me spiritually
Although most of my poems are for you The urge to tell you feel just won’t go away from me
So I guess until I’m gone you’ll hear and read these lines
Telling the stories and memories we’ve made
And In due time
You’ll be the one with my last name
There’s this dream I had
Martin Luther King dreamed of equality and peace
While I’m sitting here dreaming of the day that for you  I can let my heart off this leash
Eminem fought for a chance to lose himself and prove himself
While I fight to prove that I won’t lose myself
Although I may lose myself in you
Sometimes when i see your face I don’t know what to do
Other than smile and kiss you
100 and ten percent of me wants you to spend the rest of your life with me
Come take my hand
While I take your mind to places unknown
I just hope my love for you will always be known